# 1 tip

Helping Stay Uncluttered

Put Away half of your kids' toys and switch them around every few months. They'll have plenty to play with and their room will stay cleaner. 

# 2 tip

Helping Stay Uncluttered

Label boxes, baskets, milk crates, plastic tubs - anything they might store toys in - to teach them how to sort toys and keep them off the floor, Let the kids decorate the containers they use so they will be personal and fun.

# 3 tip

Bathtub Rings

To avoid bathtub rings, don't use oily bath preparations. Use a water softener if you live in a hand-water area. Rinse the tub immediately after bathing.

# 4 tip

Getting to Dirt in the Corner

Can't get to that dirt in the corner? Make a pointed tool by cutting an old whisk broom at a 45 degree angle.

# 5 tip

Refridgerator Odors

A little vanilla poured on a piece of cotten and placed in the refrigerator will eliminate odors. 

# 6 tip

Refridgerator Odors

After cleaning the refrigerator add a dash of lemon extract to rinse the water for a fresh scent.

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